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DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
21/02/201710:00 am ET Webinar Cost as a Target, Performance as a Must: Product Cost Calculation at FABIO PERINI with LeanCOST
28/02/201710 am EDT Webinar XLDyn: Advances in Model Based Systems Engineering Model Creation
01/03/2017-02/03/2017Berlin Industry Event Additive Manufacturing Forum
02/03/201710:00 am ET Webinar Introduction to Fieldscale Sense
06/03/2017-07/03/2017Paris, France Industry Event Big Data Paris 2017
Visit solidThinking Envision at Booth #255
07/03/201710:00 am ET Webinar Introduction to HUByx by CEDREM
09/03/2017-10/03/2017Würzburg Industry Event Leichtbaugipfel Automobilindustrie
14/03/201714:00 - 15:00/ Webinar Webinar Webinar: Effizient Elektrische Produkte Entwickeln - Elektromagnetische Simulation mit Flux
14/03/2017-16/03/2017Paris, France Industry Event JEC World 2017
19/03/2017-23/03/2017Chicago, IL Industry Event Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) 2017
Visit solidThinking at Booth #49
28/03/2017-30/03/2017Stuttgart/ Germany Industry Event EMV 2017
04/04/2017-06/04/2017Hamburg Industry Event AIX 2017
19/04/201710 am EDT Webinar System-Level Optimization: Altair's Multibody Solutions
24/04/2017-28/04/2017Hannover Industry Event Hannover Messe 2017
15/05/2017-17/05/2017Prague Industry Event Modelica
30/05/2017-31/05/2017Würzburg Industry Event Anwendertreff Leichtbau
30/05/2017-31/05/2017Nuremberg Industry Event AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO 2017
18/06/2017-22/06/2017Frankfurt/ Germany Industry Event ISC High Performance 2017
20/06/2017-22/06/2017Berlin Industry Event CWIEME Berlin
26/06/2017-28/06/2017Frankenthal/ Germany Altair Event 9th european ATC
19/09/2017British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire Altair Event UK Altair Technology Conference 2017

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